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___UML Class Diagrams__ showing classes, member variables, member functions, and relationships between classes.
___User Interface design___ showing menus and output expected.
___User Interface design___
Welcome to the Star Gazer Application
This app shows star constellations based around your geographical location. This app allows you to see constellations
from any point and time. That's right! We can show you star patterns from past, present and future!
Please tell us which of these cities you live nearest to.
(city1, city2, city3, city4, city5, city6, city7, city8, city9, city10...) :
Okay, great!
Now, please enter the time, month date and year in which you'd like to see the constellations (0:00, January 12, 2019) :
Okay, great!
Here is the constellations for the time you entered in !
We hope you enjoyed our application. If you want to restart press (R or r) if you want to quit press (Q or q) :
___Anticipated Challenges___
Some of the anticipated challenges include finding and displaying the exact position in the sky. We intend to meet this challenge
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