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Updating grade

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......@@ -108,3 +108,21 @@ _Feedback_
* Please explain what concepts.
Grade: __R__ 3/19/2018
* Group project is saved in Gitlab __complete__
* Object-oriented programming __complete__
* Separate interfaces, implementation, main, and test code __complete__
* Uses file I/O __incomplete__
* No file i/o
* Well-commented, “clean”, and well-organized code __complete__
* Still a little light, think about postcondition and precondition.
* Well-tested code with a driver file __complete__
* file with known bugs and user operation instructions __incomplete__
* Used appropriate concepts to the program __complete__
* Examples: vectors, pointers, dynamic memory, string manipulation
* Quality of the code __complete__
* Use of advanced concepts __complete__
* Please explain what concepts.
Grade: __M__ 3/20/2018
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