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# CPTR 142: Group Project
The sections below outline the initial requirments.
The grade sub-section lists your current grade and feedback to improve your grade.
## Proposal
The proposal states the basic idea and who will be working on the project.
* List of __group members__.
* Provide a __clear problem definition__.
What is required of the system?
What must it accomplish or provide?
Do you make any assumptions?
* Create a __repository in gitlab__ and give all group members access.
Please name the repository "cptr142\_group\_project".
Create a _PROPOSAL.md_ file in your repository with the above information.
### Grade
* Listed members __complete__
* Clear problem definition __complete__
* Repository created __complete__
## Specifications
The specifications outlines the project design specifications and project management.
* ___Complete UML diagrams___ of classes, member variables, member functions, and relationships between classes.
What structures and menus will be required?
* ___Procedural Flow Diagram___ The logical flow of your program
* ___Anticipated challenges___ and how will you address them?
* ___Project Management Plan___
* Name __individual group member tasks/responsibilities__.
Split up the tasks and implementation into portions per group member.
* __Timeline__ of individual and group delivery dates.
Create a _SPECIFICATIONS.md_ file in your repository with the above information.
### Grade
* Included complete UML diagrams __complete__
* Included a procedural flow diagram __incomplete__
* Please make this into a diagram
* Listed anticipated challenges __complete__
* Detailed project management plan __incomplete__
* Please break down each deadline into taks for each person.
Grade: __M__ 3/1/2018
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