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Grade: __E__ 3/11/2018
## Project Implementation
* Your project implementation MUST include the following:
* Use the [CS Department GIT Repository]( for version control and submission.
* __Object-oriented programming__ with classes.
* __Separate interfaces (headers)__, __implementation files__, a __main driver__, and __test driver__.
* __File I/O__.
Include some form of file use even if only to capture results.
* __Well-commented, “clean”, and well-organized code__.
* __Well-tested code__ with a driver file.
* file__ complete with known bugs and user operation instructions.
* You should __employ__ the following concepts _as appropriate_ to the program: vectors, pointers, dynamic memory, string manipulation.
* __Quality of the code__ and the problem __level of difficulty__ will be considered.
* __To make an E on this project__, you must reach into advanced concepts and present quality code solution.
Top projects designs show ingenuity, creativity, and efficiency.
Demonstration that you have shown initiative, going above and beyond basic course coverage into utilization of advanced concepts.
For instance, inheritance, polymorphism, recursion, graphics libraries, some other more advanced data structures of the STL Library (e.g. linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees, etc.)
Gitlab project code will be up-to-date per the due date.
### Grade
* Group project is saved in Gitlab __complete__
* Object-oriented programming __complete__
* Separate interfaces, implementation, main, and test code __complete__
* Uses file I/O __incomplete__
* No file i/o
* Well-commented, “clean”, and well-organized code __incomplete__
* Minimal comments for interfaces. Please fill in.
* Well-tested code with a driver file __incomplete__
* More tests. One is not enough.
* file with known bugs and user operation instructions __incomplete__
* Missing.
* Used appropriate concepts to the program __complete__
* Examples: vectors, pointers, dynamic memory, string manipulation
* Quality of the code __complete__
* Use of advanced concepts __complete__
* Please explain what concepts.
Grade: __R__ 3/19/2018
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