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# Group Project: 1st Grade Tutoring
## Problem Definition
The goal for this project is to build a math-learning program for use in a 1st grade classroom.
It will keep track of the progress of multiple students and allow the teacher to view progress.
The main focus will be on the increasing difficulty of math problems as the students progress through the levels.
Students and teachers will have completely different interfaces.
### Key Features
* Single user (teacher) who can view the progress of each student.
* Provide progress levels for multiple users.
* Accounts (users) created by the teacher, not the student.
* Teacher can alter students progress level.
* Progress report output to a file (for teacher's records).
* Multiple addition & subtraction problems of increasing difficulty.
* Multiple users (students) with separate progress levels.
* Progress stored in text file between runs.
* Live tutoring to help students learn, as well as advice (such as count on fingers).
* Provide a large problem set (so kids can keep progressing).
* Students can log out and another can log in.
* Provide fool-proof error checking (because 1st graders are fools).
* Word problems in higher levels.
* Counting problems (lower levels).
* Two modes: practice (feedback directly after each question)
and test (feedback at the end, to move on to next level).
* Test mode won't be an option until they answer X problems correct in a row.
### Assumptions
* Users will be not very computer savvy (Explicit instructions must be provided).
* All problems will be addition or subtraction, formatted like vertically.
* All problems will have a positive answer.
* All users are using the same program (on one computer, one at a time).
* Everything saved to a file automatically (no user prompting needed).
## Group Members
* Andrew Binder
* Eddy Marinez
* Jared Sexton
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