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# User Operation Instructions
* __RUN:__ Run the program using the code: g++ -std=c++11 MAIN.cpp Questions.cpp Teacher.cpp Student.cpp -o MAIN.cpp.o && ./MAIN.cpp.o
* __USERNAME:__ The program will ask for a username. The default is "teacher". This can be changed in the following menu.
* __MENU:__ The menu items are all numbered, so simply type the number of the menu item you would like to execute and type enter.
* __DISPLAY GRADEBOOK:__ This will provide the current standings of each student.
* __LEVELS:__ Levels 1-3 are counting problems of increasing difficulty.
Levels 4-10 are addition and subtraction problems starting at 4's and increasing through 10's.
* __EXPORT GRADEBOOK:__ This will export the gradebook into classProgress.txt, for your own records.
* __ENROLL STUDENTS:__ This will allow you to add a new student to your class by creating a username for them.
They have a default level of 1.
* __ADJUST STUDENT PROGRESS:__ This will allow you to change the level of any student after enrolling them.
* __CHANGE USERNAME:__ This will allow you to change your username. It can be anything, but the username of a current student.
* __CHANGE EXIT CODE:__ This will allow you to change the exit code. The default is "Quit".
* __EXIT CODE:__ The exit code is to be entered into the Login screen to save all the data and close the program.
* __STUDENT MENU:__ The students have only two choices, practice (from which they can reach the test mode) or logout.
* __PRACTICE MODE:__ This is the default mode for questions.
It will repeatedly ask the students questions until they get three correct in a row.
At this point, the students will be offered the chance to enter testing mode.
If they say no, they must again get three in a row to get into testing mode.
* __TEST MODE:__ This mode is offered every time three correct answers are given in a row.
It will always ask 10 questions, and if the student gets at least 7 of them correct, they will be moved on to the next level.
## Known Bugs
* __STUDENT LOGOUT:__ Students cannot log out while in practice mode.
They must get 3 correct in a row, enter testing mode, and then finish the test (whether or not they pass the test is irrelevent).
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