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* ___Complete UML diagrams___
INSERT DIAGRAMS (Teacher, Student, Question)
![Group Project UML Diagram](
* ___Procedural Flow Diagram___
* Loads data from text file from previous runs (users, progress levels, etc.)
* Ask the user for a username (after this point the interface will be different for teacher or student)
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* If "yes", they will enter testing mode. The questions will be the same difficulty, and they will be given a set number of them (10, 15, 20).
If they get enough right, they will be congratulated, and advanced to the next level (the original menu will display again to "Practice" or "Log Out").
* _Teacher_
* A menu is displayed ("View Class Progress", "Add Students", "Adjust Student Progress", "Set Exit Code" "Log Out")
* A menu is displayed ("View Class Progress", "Add Students", "Adjust Student Progress", "Set Exit Code", "Change Username" "Log Out")
* If "View Class Progress", A table will be displayed that shows their students and the current level that they're on, as well as other relevant data.
Teacher has the option of outputting this table to a file for their records.
* If "Add Students", the teacher can create a new student user and set a progress level for them to begin at.
* If "Adjust Student Progress", the teacher will input an existing student and can edit their current progress level (either advance or push back).
* If "Set Exit Code", the teacher can change the code to close the program (from the login screen).
* If "Change Username", the teacher can change their login information away from the default.
* If the exit code is entered, the program will save all changes to the text file and close.
* ___Anticipated challenges___
* _Saving data to file:_ This can be addressed by the section in the textbook about file I/O.
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