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# Student 245
## Example GitLab Pages
# CPTR 142 Project III: WWU Information Management
Here is more information.
Team #5 project proposal for a turn-based strategy game.
## Problem Definition
The goal for this project is to build a general turn-based strategy game.
This game will allow a single player to move about a grid, interact with
enemies and objects in the game, and store items in a player inventory.
The goal of the game is to defeat all the enemies in the game.
### Key Features
* Traversable world
* Interactive environment
* Dynamic enemies
* Accessible inventory
### Assumptions
The users of the game have basic knowledge of video game mechanics.
## Group Members
* Jake Schmidt
* Brian Harris
* Grace Morales
* Leo Gallegos
# CPTR 142: Project III Specifications
The specifications outlines the project design specifications and project management.
This is done BEFORE CODING!
Here are the things to include in this codument.
* ___Complete UML diagrams___ of classes, member variables, member functions, and relationships between classes.
What structures and menus will be required?
* ___Procedural Flow Diagram___ The logical flow of your program
* ___Anticipated challenges___ and how will you address them?
* ___Project Management Plan___
* Name __individual group member tasks/responsibilities__.
Split up the tasks and implementation into portions per group member.
* __Timeline__ of individual and group delivery dates.
* 3x3 grid to move around to start
* eventually make grid bigger
* interactive entities (enemies, objects)
* attacks (use a function, called by a switch)
* light attack, heavy attack, block, counter, dodge, run away
* accessible inventory, pick up items, store items, select and use items at any time
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