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1) Selenium sure was slower than using requests, but still a heck of a lot faster than doing it manually, still. The biggest difference that stood out to me was how little code
we actually needed to get something similar done using requests. Rather than interact with the UI itself with Selenium, we could bypass all that and have requests interact with the
page directly. This cut down on extra code, and we didn't need a class definition either. Really fascinating stuff.
I only ran into one issue, and that was using Requests. I wasn't entirely sure how to use requests natively to grab javascript generated HTML, so at the time of writing, I've
left it as is. But I imagine if I wanted to get it done, I'd have to use something like Beautiful Soup and maybe continue to use Selenium for my GET requests. I saw a few resources online
claim that using something called urllib2 could also grab javascript generated content. This seems to be Requests' only drawback.
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