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# Group Project: Dungen Explorer
## Problem Definition
The goal for this project is to build a dungeon crawler game where a player is given random stats and must find armor and weapons to help them progress.
Players will be able to progress up in the dungeon and save their progress.
Our focus will be on the radom aspect of the room generation and what is in side the rooms.
Will be able to have a menu to check stats and a list of items in the possetion of the player.
__Key Features__
* Random stats
* Random room generation but fixed dungeon height/size
* Ability to find weapons and armor to help fight monsters in the dungeon
* Save current progress
* Menu to see list of stats and items the player has on them
The player has some idea of how a dungeon crawler works/understanding of how stats effect a character in a video game.
The player actually wants to win the game and progress forward.
## Group Members
* Aaron Sturtevant
* Paul Omosa
* Eli Chung
* Kameron Kinsey
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