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......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ class MeController extends ApiController
* @bodyParam display_name string The user's display name. Example: Sheev Palpatine
* @bodyParam password string The user's new password. Minimum of 20 characters. Example: My Super Secret P455w0rd
* @bodyParam doorcode string The user's new doorcode, minimum of 11 digits. Example: 292889311069
* @bodyParam doorcode string The user's new doorcode, minimum of 4 digits. Users 'emplid' is prepended. Example: 292889311069
* @response 422 {"message":"The given data was invalid.","errors":{"display_name":["The display name must be a string."],"password":["The password must be a string.","The password must be at least 20 characters."],"doorcode":["The doorcode must be a string.","The doorcode must be a number.","The doorcode must be between 11 and 255 digits."]}}
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