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namespace App\Docs\Strategies;
use Illuminate\Routing\Route;
use Knuckles\Scribe\Extracting\ParamHelpers;
use Knuckles\Scribe\Extracting\RouteDocBlocker;
use Knuckles\Scribe\Extracting\Strategies\Strategy;
use ReflectionClass;
use ReflectionFunctionAbstract;
class test extends Strategy
* The stage the strategy belongs to.
* One of "metadata", "urlParameters", "queryParameters", "bodyParameters", "headers", "responses", "responseFields".
public $stage = 'responses';
* Trait containing some helper methods for dealing with "parameters".
* Useful if your strategy extracts information about parameters.
use ParamHelpers;
* @link
* @param Route $route The route which we are currently extracting responses for.
* @param ReflectionClass $controller The class handling the current route.
* @param ReflectionFunctionAbstract $method The method/closure handling the current route.
* @param array $routeRules Array of rules for the ruleset which this route belongs to.
* @param array $alreadyExtractedData Data already extracted from previous stages and earlier strategies in this stage
* See the documentation linked above for more details about writing custom strategies.
* @return array|null
public function __invoke(
Route $route,
ReflectionClass $controller,
ReflectionFunctionAbstract $method,
array $routeRules,
array $alreadyExtractedData = []
return null;
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