Commit 8bef8dfb authored by James Foster's avatar James Foster

Update `GNUmakefile` for spacing and to add `run-debugger` command.

parent 9d8cfaa5
......@@ -132,8 +132,8 @@ $(OBJDIR)/u-asm.h: u-lib.hh lib.hh types.h x86-64.h build/mkkernelasm.awk $(BUIL
$(call run,echo '#ifndef CHICKADEE_FIRST_PROCESS' >$@; echo '#define CHICKADEE_FIRST_PROCESS "$(CHICKADEE_FIRST_PROCESS)"' >>$@; echo '#endif' >>$@,CREATE $@)
$(call run,echo 'add-symbol-file obj/p-$(CHICKADEE_FIRST_PROCESS).full 0x100000' >$@,CREATE $@)
$(call run,echo 'add-symbol-file obj/p-$(CHICKADEE_FIRST_PROCESS).full 0x100000' >$@,CREATE $@)
$(OBJDIR)/ build/mkinitfs.awk \
......@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@ QEMUIMG = -M q35 \
run: run-$(QEMUDISPLAY)
@if test "$(QEMUGDB)" = "-gdb tcp::12949"; then echo '* Run `gdb -x build/weensyos.gdb` to connect gdb to qemu.' 1>&2; fi
@if test "$(QEMUGDB)" = "-gdb tcp::12949"; then echo '* Run `gdb -x build/chickadee.gdb` to connect gdb to qemu.' 1>&2; fi
run-graphic: $(QEMUIMAGEFILES) check-qemu run-gdb-report
run-console: $(QEMUIMAGEFILES) check-qemu-console run-gdb-report
......@@ -242,8 +242,9 @@ run-gdb-console: $(QEMUIMAGEFILES) check-qemu-console
run-gdb-graphic: $(QEMUIMAGEFILES) check-qemu
$(call run,$(QEMU_PRELOAD) $(QEMU) $(QEMUOPT) -S -gdb tcp::12949 $(QEMUIMG) &,QEMU $<)
$(call run,sleep 0.5; gdb -x build/chickadee.gdb,GDB)
$(call run,gdb -x build/chickadee.gdb,GDB)
$(call run,gdb -x build/chickadee.gdb,GDB)
run-$(RUNSUFFIX): run
run-graphic-$(RUNSUFFIX): run-graphic
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